Wartsila Bearings and Seals

We're excited to offer an array of Wartsila products at Olympic Propeller. Backed with years research and testing in conjunction with leading ship owners, shipyards, and equipment manufactures, the extensive use of Wartsila bearings in rudders and steering gear on vessels of all classes have proven their excellence, and is why we're carrying their products. These parts come with long life expectancies, lower environmental impact, and easy installation.

PSE Enviroguard Seal

The non-polluting water lubricated Enviroguard Seal has been on the market for over ten years. It's the most cost effective, high quality shaft sealing solution for water lubricated installations. With high radial and axial shaft movement tollerance, the seal is virtually maintenance free even in the harshest operating conditions. Available in sizes from 3" to 13". Join the over 300 vessels fitted in the US operating with Wartsila's Enviroguard Seal.

Wartsila Shaft Bearings

Wartsila Enviroguard SLR

The new Wartsila Enviroguard SLR water lubricated seal provides cost-effective reliability for small workboats. The new seal is the result of over a year's worth of research and product development with Wartsila's key stakeholders, including customers, boat yards and engineers. The seal will be launched at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans, starting on the 30th November 2016. The new Wartsila Enviroguard SLR seal is tough and robust, and designed to withstand large shaft movements without affecting the performance of the equipment. Developed to tolerate aggressive waters that may be heavy with silt or sand, the seal's water lubrication also ensures that there is no risk of polluting the marine environment. The new SLR seal offers increased reliability to smaller workboats, fishing boats, motorized barges and super yachts. The Wartsila Enviroguard SLR will be available 'off-the-shelf', designed with nine standard sizes that suit any shaft size between 75 and 306 mm. "In addition to availability, the new design offers other major benefits to workboat owners," says Simon Kill, Inland Water Ways and Coastal Sales Manager, for Wartsila Seals and Bearings. "It was critical in the development process that we understood the needs of the customers in order to design a product that meets their requirements and withstands their operating environments. We wanted to provide workboats with a pollution-free seal that is cost-effective as well as easy to install and service, and we have backed all this up with a 5-year warranty. Lightweight composite provides economical endurance The Wartsila Enviroguard SLR seal's primary material is marine-grade composite, which is lightweight, corrosion-free and economical. The design allows the seal to operate in aggressive waters without the need for a dedicated flush, applying only a vent which is built into the design. The seal, which requires no maintenance for up to 5 years, can also be equipped with an optional inflatable emergency seal for increased safety.


The Wartsila envirosafe water lubricated propeller shaft bearings lead the market in wear performance and life expectancy, increases the efficiency of propulsion, and guarantees dimensional stability. It can be installed by resin bonding, press fit, or freeze fit with liquid nitrogen. This product is fully EPA compliant and approved by all major Class Societies.

Wartsila's' Steersafe Rudder Bearings offers versatility: works with water, grease, or oil and can even run dry. Leading the market with wear performance, your rudder bearings will give you a long life expectancy. Also easy to install, fully EPA compliant, and approved by all major Class Societies.

Wartsila Shaft Bearings