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Solas Duo-Prop (Volvo)

SOLAS Duo-Props offer a High Rake Blade design with cupping that provides great stern lift and acceleration. These propellers are intended as direct OEM replacement fitments for Volvo Penta Duo-Prop Propellers.

SOLAS Aluminum Duo-Prop A-Series Propellers are for Diesel engines. The unique design, of the 3-Blade Propeller in the front and the 4-Blade Propeller behind, is the key to the outstanding grip in the water.

SOLAS Propellers are cast using state of the art squeeze casting process to make their Aluminum Propellers stronger and tougher than traditional die cast products. The squeeze cast Propeller is almost non-porous, with finer grain size than the die cast propeller.

SOLAS Aluminum Propellers have 4 layers of paint. Using superior coatings and a high-tech painting process ensures excellent anti-corrosion performance.

SOLAS Aluminum Propellers are exposed to over 500 hours of testing in a salt water spray tank. This testing simulates more than 6 months of normal salt.

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