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Michigan Ballistic-3

Ballistic is a high performance stainless steel boat propeller, Michigan Wheel’s Ballistic Propellers are constructed from 15-5ph stainless steel, and features the proven Power Tip for peak efficiency. Blade tip and cup combine to improve bite and reduce power losses caused by cavitation, while highly cambered blade sections provide for higher speed and better bow lift.

Michigan Wheel Ballistic Propellers have tapered leading edges to minimize drag, and maintain optimum blade strength and thickness. With a high luster mirror finish to add appeal and enhance corrosion resistance, Ballistic makes the perfect Outboard Propellers; whether it’s used on a bass boat, ski boat, or sport boat, available in 3-blade and 4-blade, with pitches ranging from 13” to 27”. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Michigan Ballistic Propellers are very fast props, yet priced competitive to any other High Performance Propellers on the market.

• Tapered leading edges minimizes drag
• Blade tip and cup to improve bite and reduce power losses from cavitation
• Performance characteristics of racing style props
• Maintains optimum blade strength and thickness
• Highly cambered blade provides higher speed and better bow lift.

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