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Slipstream Propeller

Geared design keeps blades synchronized, allowing the blades to fold back properly regardless of the propeller position, even at low speeds - No crawling into the bilge to position the shaft when racing.
Sizes from 14 to 20 inches diameter
All Stainless Steel construction for superior life using low carbon 316L grade stainless steel. Being a similar metal as most prop shafts it is less likely to promote electrolysis which is the most common cause of prop failure.
Large Blade area for excellent thrust, with unique blade geometry resulting in a smoother and more reliable opening of the blades, particularly when shifting into reverse, whilst travelling forward.
Polyethylene thrust plates* on either side of the blades prevent metal-to-metal wear of blade on body.
Blades pivot on replaceable Bronze bushes*, these can be easily pressed out and replaced, compared to the traditional over sizing or welding/redrilling
Easily replaced Polyurethane Bump-Stop Pads reduce the clunk of the blades hitting the stop faces when shifting into forward, plus eliminates the wear on the back of the blades and the body
Blade pivot pins* are double screwed* at BOTH ends for increased security of blades
All wear components are user-serviceable, self-service kits are available for when the time comes to refurbish the propeller (items with * are included in the kit)
Available to suit shafts from 7/8 to 1-1/2 inches diametre. Note ! most shaft threads need to be cut shorter to fit propeller nut.
Five-year non Commercial/Charter use Warranty against material and manufacturing defects

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