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Hung Shen NAP-4

Hung Shen Neo-Ability Propeller NAP-4 Blade Propeller works well on all types of displacement vessels by providing excellent maneuverability and performance. The blades foil sections are thick and strong and the large hub dimensions add extra strength and impact resistance. Hung Shen Neo-Ability 4 and 5 blade propeller is made with the workboat and fishing boater in mind. This is an efficient propeller that saves money on fuel consumption. The number of blades and large blade area contribute to low levels of noise and vibration. The NAP series incorporates 10 degrees of rake and a small amount of skew.

E.A.R. 0.50 - 0.60
Diameter Range: 20" - 120"
Designed for speeds up to 18 knots.
Materials: Bronze, NiBral & Stainless Steel

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