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The VEEMUltraskew is the latest in a series of highly successful propeller designs, manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes and finished to the highest possible standards of quality and accuracy. The VEEMUltraskew has been developed in conjunction with several of the world’s largest superyacht manufacturers and is based on a design criteria which focused on obtaining maximum efficiency and ride comfort and features a host of class-leading benefits, including:

VEEMHelix® vortex reducing blade tip geometry,
•Very high skew (balanced),
•Radially optimised pitch distribution,
•Optimised blade flex for absorption of turbulent flow,
•Lift optimised blade edge detail,
•VEEM’s highly successful anti-singing edge detail,
•Minimum manufacturing accuracy of ISO 484/2 Class S,
•VEEM’s robotic high lustre polished blade surface,
•ISO 1940/1 G2.5 (gas turbine) high accuracy dynamic balancing.

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