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Hung Shen HTP-3

The Hung Shen Heavy Thrust series 3 Blade Propeller is especially suited for use on displacement vessels such as fishing boats and workboats. The blade edge is semi-elliptical, with typical ogival blade sections and constant pitch. This series is made without skew to carry out the greatest reverse execution possible. The Hung Shen Heavy Thrust Propeller series 4 Blade is designed for applications that require excessive power such as push boats and tug boats. The HTP-4B propeller has a blade area ratio bigger than the HTP-3 to accommodate greater power requirements. Available in 3,4 or 5 blade configurations.

E.A.R. 0.50
Diameter Range: 10" - 96"
Designed for speeds up to 16 knots.
Materials: Bronze, NiBral & Stainless Steel

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