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Michigan Kaplan

The Michigan Kaplan propeller is designed for hard-working trawlers, draggers and tugs. The Kaplan is manufactured to operate in a nozzle and the design includes air foil sections at inner radii, and flat face ogival sections at outer radii. The Michigan Kaplan works very hard for Trawlers, Draggers, and Tug boats. The propeller is designed to take advantage of nozzle systems such as Michigan ducted propeller systems by maximizing thrust under high loads. The ducted system performs better than the open water propeller environment. The distinctive Kaplan blade employs airfoil sections at the inner blade radii and flat face ogival section at the external radii to increase thrust. 0.56 Thru 0.71 E.A.R.
Diameter Range: 35" - 95" Custom & Skewed Configurations Available.

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