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Federal Y Series

The new Federal "Y" series propeller is a semi-custom series that offers many features and benefits of a full-custom propeller with the economies of series manufacture. The "Y" is evolved from years of custom propeller design experience. All "Y" propellers are CNC machine finished.

The chosen combination of blade area and skew in this series, along with variable pitch and camber, make for a close efficiency match throughout the entire engine power curves. Years of propeller design experience have allowed Federal naval architects to optimize the "Y" design to maximize the performance of virtually all planing hulls. Increasingly, boat builders are choosing to install the new "Y" series as standard equipment after appreciating the difference in sea-trials compared to less sophisticated product.

Each EPY, EQY, and CY5 propeller are manufactured to exacting specifications, and inspected using the latest digital technology. Each propeller is given a serial number, permitting design and inspection data to be retrieved and reviewed for field service.

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