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The VEEMSurf propeller is the latest in surface piercing propeller design. It has been developed to meet the requirements of high speed planing vessels and features a cleaver-type blade profile, with hollow faced, wedge shaped sections, designed to optimise shock free entry, and hence provide smooth operating characteristics.

Manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes, the VEEMSurf is of the highest quality and accuracy attainable, and is further improved with dynamic balancing at VEEM's NATA. approved balancing facility.

The VEEMSurf is manufactured to suit all types of commercial surface drives including Arneson and Levi units. Each VEEMSurf is custom designed and fully CNC machined to suit each application, offering optimum propulsive efficiency while retaining excellent smoothness on high speed applications. The VEEMSurf is manufactured from high strength nickel aluminium bronze or stainless steel.

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