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The VEEMStar-C® is the latest in high speed propeller design for high speed vessels which has evolved from the highly successful VEEMStar design.

The VEEMStar-C has been designed in conjunction with several of the worlds largest pleasure boat manufacturers, where the design criteria was to obtain maximum performance, while retaining an exceptionally quiet and smooth ride. Our largest users are high speed sport fishers and luxury vessels, along with numerous other applications up to and beyond 50 knots.

The VEEMStar-C incorporates many market leading technologies including high skew, variable cambered blade sections, variable pitch, optimized thickness distributions, cavitation burn resistant profiles and anti-singing edges.

Manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes, the VEEMStar-C is of the highest quality and accuracy attainable, and is further improved with dynamic balancing at VEEM's NATA. approved balancing facility.

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