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The VEEMStar-LCĀ® is designed exclusively for super-yachts and other medium speed vessels that simply require the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency.

The VEEMStar-LC has been designed in conjunction with several of the worlds largest super-yacht manufacturers, where the design criteria was to obtain maximum efficiency and smoothness.

In order to satisfy the highest customer expectations, the VEEMStar-LC incorporates a 35 degree high skew, variable cambered blade sections, variable pitch, optimized thickness distributions, cavitation burn resistant profiles and anti-singing edges.

Manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes, the VEEMStar-LC is of the highest quality and accuracy attainable, and is further improved with dynamic balancing at VEEM's NATA approved balancing facility.

The VEEMStar-LC is the choice for those who require the smoothest and most efficient operation possible, while retaining excellent manoeuvrability.
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