Outboard/Sterndrive Data Form

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Boat Information

Hull Length:
Hull Material:
Boat Weight:
Boat Manufacturer:
Boat Style:
Planing Fin:
Jackplace/Setback Plate:
Trim Tab:

Motor Information

Motor Brand:
Motor HP:
Motor Year:

Current Prop Information

Current Prop Brand:
Prop Material:
Prop Pitch:
How did you get the pitch?:
Number of Blades:
Type of Exhaust:
Hole Shot:
Mid-Range Acceleration:
Top End Speed:
How you got the speed:
Planes at (MPH):
Will hold plane at (MPH):
Motor Height w/Jackplace:
Splashline how far forward?:
Chine Walk:
Blowout Problems:
Steering Torque:


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