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  • by Olympic Propeller on Aug 10, 2011 The Right Prop, Right NOW

    Olympic Propeller maintains a large inventory of Inboard AND Outboard props. When you need a propeller fast, look no further! Earlier this month Mark found himself in need of a prop for his sailboat and had to be ready for a boat party - He found the prop he needed at www.getaprop.com, and had it installed in time for his guests.

    From:Mark H
    Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 12:37 PM
    To: info@getaprop.com
    Subject: THANKS!



    Two weeks ago I hit a log or something night sailing on Lake Erie and my prop was sheared off. We had a boat party scheduled for the following Friday. On Sunday I pulled my prop and found the replacement on your site and placed the order. I called on Tuesday to verify my order and double check the shipping. The person that answered the phone was very helpful, verified when my prop was expected to ship then took the additional measure of calling once it actually had shipped. I received the prop on Thursday and installed it in time for our party. The propeller works wonderfully and the party was a huge success.


    THANKS! You saved the day.

     Mark Hosmer

    Take a look at our Hung Shen propellers :


    Happy Boating!!


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