Under the Waterline

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  • by Olympic Propeller on Oct 23, 2012 Sometimes its Obvious that your Propeller needs repair

    At Olympic Propeller your propeller will be repaired using our Hale MRI High Resolution Analysis System to ISO Class 1 specifications as our shop standard.

    Just becuase your propeller doesn't look like this doesn't mean you shouldn't have it checked. Hours and hours of performing in the harsh marine environment can diminish the performance of your boat's propeller. The winter off season is a great time to have your propeller inspected for damage and electrolysis. Ron Kruger has been working for decades helping everyone from recreational boaters to professional skippers to commercial shipyards keep their boats running smoothly and efficiently. Call us at (866) 790-7767 to learn more, or contact us be e-mail at : kruger@olympicpropeller.com



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