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  • by Olympic Propeller on Sep 27, 2013 Pacific Marine Expo 2013, Century Link Event Center, Seattle Wa Nov 20-22, 2013

    It’s the time of the year when colder temperatures arrive and people begin to store their boats for the winter but not the Commercial Fleet. This is why Olympic Propeller is hard at work meeting the propeller and equipment needs for the commercial market. You should review status of your current propeller and related propulsion items to ensure proper operation. We can assist with a cost efficient propeller in 3, 4 and 5-blades both foreign and domestic. Companies like Michigan Wheel, VEEM and Hung Shen offer scientifically CNC manufactured propellers to meet the ever growing need of the Commercial Fishing Industry. Come by and chat with the boys to find out how to save fuel just by using the correct propeller for your application.

    We will be offering the lowest propeller prices EVER so you have an opportunity, especially with our low price guarantee, to get an excellent deal on high quality new propellers during the show. We look forward to meeting with you so please stop by our NEW BOOTH Location #801 during this 3-day event.





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