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  • by Olympic Propeller on Sep 26, 2013 Olympic Propeller installs Prop Gold

    yes PropGold™: A foul release coating system for propellers and running gear. Its non-toxic foul release coating means organism’s can be easily dislodged once the boat is placed in drive. The coating prevents marine growth because it is slick NOT by chemically poisoning the environment.

    Propgold Kit. Foul release coating system for propellers and running gear.

    It is established that energy savings are achieved by maintaining smooth underwater hull and propeller surfaces. Presence of fouling on propellers is detrimental to the performance of the propeller. Even low levels of fouling on propeller surfaces are shown to cause efficiency losses of 20%. High levels of fouling cause up to 70% decrease in efficiency.

    PropGold is suitable for application to all
    underwater metallic running gear
    Propellers & Trim tabs
    Propeller shafts & Rudders
    Prop struts - Bow & stern thrusters



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