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  • by Olympic Propeller on Oct 9, 2012 Introducing our new Team Member at Olympic Propeller

    Mr. Ron Kruger, (pictured left & president Olympic Propeller) is proud to announce the newest member of his ever growing team of propeller professionals, Jeff Whidden (pictured right). After graduating college and serving his country 20+ years in the USAF, Jeff was immediately employed by PowerTech! Propellers, specializing in the production of stainless steel outboard motor propellers. After almost 10 years at PowerTech, Jeff & his wife of 29 years (June) decided to retire and move to Anacortes, Washington to be closer to family. Soon after arriving, it didn’t take long for Mr. Kruger to see the potential in expanding his propeller business with such a knowledgeable person. Please visit our website http://www.ptpropeller.com and contact us today for free technical support in finding the correct propeller for your application.


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Master proptologist here-Thanks Jeffrey

Oct 14, 2012 | Ronald Kruger


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