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  • by Olympic Propeller on Sep 26, 2013 Inboard Propeller Hub Fitment Issues

    We sell a lot of full taper hub length propellers and sometimes these propellers will hit the strut if the shaft line is to short?

    Typically when a new shaft line is set up, the correct length shaft will require 1 x shaft diameter to be exposed before start of the big end of taper typically for shafts 3.00” and smaller. For shaft lines over 3.00” it’s up to the builder to determine the length required.

    Example: If the shaft diameter is 2.00" than 2" should run thru the strut before the start of the big end of taper.. If you have a Sea Ray for instance where the big end of shaft taper is right at or  inside your strut and you have purchased a full taper hub length propeller you will have to mill off the forward end of propeller hub in order for it to fit up tight on shaft and not hit the strut barrel...



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