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Ron Kruger has been proudly serving the Northwest Commercial Fleet and Private Boat Owners since 1979. This 3rd generation business, relocated in Anacortes Washington to be closer to the pulse of the propeller market. We have been selling & repairing propellers for over 30 years using top of the line equipment combined together with his expertise and experience. He has put together and trained one of the best Sale & Repair teams in the country that can meet all your underwater needs. We stock CNC Machined Propellers, Boat Shafts, Cutlass Bearings, Drip-less Shaft Seals, Zinc Anodes, Shaft Couplings, Line Cutters and much more. Using the latest hydrodynamic technology, together with our years of experience, we can custom design high performance CNC machined class S propellers to meet your individual needs. Read more

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VEEM Conquest Propellers
VEEM Conquest Propellers have arrived from Australia – fully CNC machined propellers, better than Class-S, guaranteeing high performance & low cavitation on your blades. They are manufactured using high strength NiBrAl (CU3) alloyed to the highest standards in house with very competitive pricing against the M/W DQX– Some models also available in Bronze.

Check out our new VEEM Conquest Superstore at fastpropellers.com

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